By: Bill Johnson
Free Lance Journalist

This letter serves as an introduction of Collin Foster Mays. Collin is a young, fresh and emerging talent who is destined to leave an indelible mark on Michigan’s political landscape.

Collin is a 2008 graduate of West Bloomfield High School. He is currently a junior at Western Michigan University with plans to graduate next year with a degree in political science.

He serves as co-chair of the Western Michigan University Democrats and Chairman of Political Affairs for the Western Students Association.

Last year, he was an intern for Keith D. Williams, the former vice chairman of the Wayne County Commission. This year Collin received an internship in the county’s Corporation Counsel Office

Most impressive was his answer when asked what his short-term goal was. He responded with a wry smile, “I want to be the governor of Michigan.”

His response left no doubt that this 21-year old is able, confident and committed to preparing himself for a productive future and the rigors of the state’s top job.

“While Michigan is diverse, says Collin, there seems to be a distinct separation between the urban and suburban areas of the state; the cities and the rural areas; Southeastern Michigan and the Northern and Western parts of the state. However, jobs and economic growth interests can be a rallying point that brings all of Michigan together.

“It is my intent to be the gateway to encourage the various interests, municipalities and businesses around a unifying purpose; a state teeming with opportunity that has growth and prosperity as its common goal.”

What motivates him to want to be involved in the political arena? His family has a history of political activism. A cousin, Timothy C. Evans ran an unsuccessful campaign against Chicago Mayor Richard Daley. Evans is currently the chief judge of Cook County Circuit Court.

His heroes include William G. Mays, a relative who owns Mays Chemical and who is considered Indiana’s most successful black businessman. The aforementioned Timothy C. Evans is among his most admired as is Carolene Mays, a cousin who is an appointee in the administration of Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels. William G. Anderson, who was the physician to the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., is a family friend from which Collin draws inspiration.

Collin Mays is available for an interview at:
Telephone: 248 943 6423